The wine culture is taking over South Florida

Local Delis are taking advantage of this wine savvy population by creating a new shopping experience

Deli shops like La Estancia Argentina are becoming the place to go to for people who like to make groceries shopping not just a routine but also a dinning experience. This market offers the largest variety of Malbec wines from South America.

La Estancia Argentina is a deli store that caters young professionals with the best combination of fresh products from the southern hemisphere. Its not about grocery shopping, its about exploring new gourmet culinary horizons. People in South Florida are interested in tasting wines from the most important wine capitals in the world. Countries like Italy, France, Argentina and Chile are all represented in the cellars of La Estancia Argentina.

“We want our customers to come and relax for a while” says La Estancia Argentina CEO, Claudio Kojusner. “We are very excited about the change in the grocery shopping culture”.



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  2. Gilda Machare

    I agree! It’s about trying and experiencing new things. I would definitely go and try it, La Estancia has a really good reputation so i am sure i can find some really good wines there.

  3. Cesar Gutierrez

    I have been to La Estancia a couple of times and is a great shopping experience. There is everything for everybody specially when it comes to wine. I definitely recommend it.

  4. Dominique Setticasi

    I always get so hungry when I am grocery shopping. I love this idea. I like drinking wine, but don’t really know too much about wine itself, so I am very interested in giving this place a try.

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